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About The Manager and Owner


James Ethan


James' story is inspirational to all would-be squash players.

#1 International Best Selling Author and highly ranked world-class squash player, James was by no means a ‘natural’ when he first tried the game. His first attempt at playing squash began at the age of 17, when his older brother took him down to the local squash courts for a game.

From that very moment James became addicted to the sport. But the skill that he consistently demonstrates today certainly wasn’t evident back then.

Yet he loved playing, and was determined to master the game. Rather than giving up, he continued to practice until he began to improve. After several months of solid practice he was able to take on and even start beating the more experienced players at the club.

By the time he was 22, James achieved ‘A’ grade status. This achievement encouraged him to play even more squash matches. By the time he was 25, he had achieved state grade level and the game had become his life.

At the state grade level, players are usually either ex-world-ranked or young up-and-comers. For James this meant that he had to contend with a much higher quality game. This drove him to further improve his skills, and he started to train six days a week: running, gym, squash practice and coaching.

By the time he was 30, James was ranked # 250 in the world, which allowed him the opportunity to travel more to locations such as Melbourne and Queensland. He continued to win tournaments along the way and maintain his ranking status. But his personal development and training as an elite squash player didn’t end there.

James began to develop his own unique system which helped him build 15 competitions a week. Every night was a different competition and a different style of game. Most people think there is only one type of squash game but, as James discovered - with some imagination and creativity many exciting variations can be created to keep players interested and motivated.

In 2008 James finally achieved his dream to become the owner of Baulkham Hills Squash & Fitness. Having his own club means James can have his courts operating seven days a week with numerous and varied competitions, to suit all levels and types of players.

And he continues to be an inspiration to us all!


Why Play Squash?


World's Healthiest Sports

SQUASH was voted by Forbes Magazine as the world’s healthiest sport

Value for Money

Compare our prices to hefty gym fees and squash is a no brainer!

Easy to Learn

Anyone who can hit a ball with a racquet can play.

Great for Busy Lifestyles

Squash burns up to 1500 calories per hour



Great Squash Centre in Baulkham Hills, very friendly management and staff.




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The Game of Squash: 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Game and Win More Matches

#1 International Best Seller


The Game of Squash Book is written to help beginners to advanced players get more out of their game and find ways to win more matches.

We believe squash can become very addictive but what a wonderful addiction! Most players strive to improve, but the lack of discipline and knowledge can hold you back..



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