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Startup Secrets for Entrepreneurs

by John North

ASIN: B088K64W7R

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So you have decided to create a new business or maybe add an extra product or service. Perhaps you are looking for a seachange.

This is the starting point for any new entrepreneur. It's where the magic happens. In order to get from an idea to a product/service/business, you need to make sure your concept has a solid foundation. This is always the exciting part of your journey but you also need to be realistic about what is possible and what financial or physical barriers you will have getting your idea to the next stage.

Discover how to fast track your idea to startup without risking large amounts of capital investment. Learn how to create your own marketing strategies to quickly test your market and grow your idea with our 5 step system.

The startup stage is your foundation. If your foundation is shaky, then the whole concept will be unstable as well. Most people spend very little time in this area and never commit to a few hours to really figure out their big picture strategy. Don't be one of them!

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