Learning to swim is a skill for LIFE, one that could also save your life !!!

Blue Bubbles learn to swim runs from our heated pool, offering learn to swim classes, one on one and also adult classes. Blue Bubbles operates Monday to Friday mornings and afternoons and also Saturday mornings.

About Us

Blue Bubbles Learn to Swim was started in January 2010. After 15 years of experience teaching swimming, Blue Bubbles was founded on the basis that swimming is a fun, enjoyable activity, and should be easily accessed by all members of our community. Fees are payable by the week, with makeup lessons available when necessary. All our classes have fewer students in each class to ensure that all children receive lots of attention and swimming time. Each lesson is based on the fact that everyone learns best when they are having fun, enjoying themselves, and our Instructors work with the children to help them to improve their swimming ability and stamina. Our Instructors are intensively trained internally and through Austswim, to give you the best possible swimming experience.

Baby & Infant Swimming

  • Our lesson pool is heated to a minimum of 32 degrees, so your little one can start swimming at approximately 4 months of age. Babies swimming classes are a wonderful bonding experience, exploring bouyancy, breath control and independent movement together. Through songs in teaching and activities you will be guided in teaching your baby to hold her breath, submerge comfortably, and eventually to independent swimming.

Lessons for Preschoolers

  • As each child is unique, we don’t appply any hard and fast rules to when your child can start in preschool lessons without a parent in the water (Clownfish class). Each individual is assesed on their readiness to separate from their parent. Swimming skills are not necessary for this level, as each child is taught within a class environment. Each lesson runs for 30 minutes, with a maximum of 3 children in each lesson. At only $18 per lesson, your preschooler can have lessons weekday mornings. We also maintain our 3 child maximum for all preschool classes, through Clownfish, Stingray and Dolphin. Your children are constantly assesed and will be graduated into the next level as soon as they are ready.

School Age Swimmers

  • Blue Bubbles Learn to Swim has carefully graduated levels to ensure your child will develop necessary swimming skills. In Starfish, with 2 other children your non swimmers will rapidly learn to enjoy the water, mastering independent movement through the water. Your children’s skills are constantly assesed, and as their skills develop, they will be moved into the next level. In Seahorse class your swimmer will develop overarm and back kick skills, with the basic introductions to breaststroke, butterfly, dives, turns & safety techniques. In Octopus, children develop their bi-lateral breathing freestyle,backstroke and continuing diving, turns breaststroke and butterfly. Turtle is a 45 minute ‘presquad’class, where we work on fitness all 4 racing strokes, and race starts and finishes. All swimmers must be assesed befor ebeing placed in a class, to ensure they are placed in a suitably challenging level.