Too all standards all the comps are going very smoothly, get involved asap, and we have coaches on hand to help you out.

Catch ya


To all new players shoulders should be parallel to the wall so when following through balls should always go down the wall with good balanced footwork. Hope you’ve been practicing.

Catch you soon, James

Hey Guys,

The lob serve is the best serve in squash. A hard serve burns up too much energy and is not as effective. A good lob serve should go high enough so that the opponent has to stretch to volley it, and come down in the back so that they are forced to boast their shot if they don’t volley.

Some advanced players still play a hard serve but in my 17 years the lob serve has always proved to be more effective, and it always will be, for players of all levels.


If your playing matches at least twice a week remember stretching afterwards is very, very important. Stretch for a good 10-15 minutes even if its in the shower. The same applies if you need work on your game, book in a lesson once every three weeks.

James out.

When you have all your equipment and you are playing one match a week and one training session a week please make sure you book in a lesson once every three weeks. They will teach you about good footwork, shoulders parallel to wall, swinging correctly and moving correctly. If they don’t go elsewhere.

See you soon.

Hey Guys round 2 …

I believe if your going to get into squash you really need to be playing twice a week.

So please contact your local club and join as a member but make sure you have a lesson every couple of weeks and involve yourselves in the social comp.

If its a well run club you should be able to play any night or any weekend day.

I will answer any questions asked.

For anyone who’s keen on learning squash, which is great rain, hail or shine.

Here’s a few tips:

  • Use a quality racquet
  • Indoor shoes
  • find a friendly club that has both squash coaching and social competitions
  • I recommend a lesson once per fortnight and again once per week, even if your a beginner there is always room for improvement